Air freight

Air freight

Fast and reliable

Globalisation puts heavy demands on companies: some customers have high sustainability requirements, while others need immediate delivery.  Just think of how consumer expectations and their patience have changed with the growth of online shopping and delivery services – and the ripple effect on manufacturers worldwide. Driven by tighter delivery time schedules, many companies rely on air freight to transport their cargo. Our integrated solutions, combined with many years of experience in the field, ensure that your deadline is met.

  • Top-notch service

  • Express delivery options

  • Economic tariffs

  • We fly everything, anywhere

All destinations

Our consolidated air freight services offer frequent and regular departures to international airports worldwide and excellent connections to land services, overseas.

Brussels airport

Brussels airport is the main airport in Belgium, but Liège is booming as well. We have representatives at both airports and can assist you at whichever airport best serves your needs. 

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Your Air freight, our expertise

We provide all services and expertise necessary to make sure your sea freight travels as smoothly as possible. Learn more about our services:

This is what we do

Specialized transports

There is no load which we are not able to carry! We have all the necessary tools and connections to deliver your freight efficiently, no matter how demanding the conditions.

Flexitanks business

We arranged a shipment of 10 x 20ft containers to Algeria using flexi-bags; and arranged the whole shipment for our customer from planning to delivery.

Jeeps for United Nations

We arranged a shipment of 35 jeeps for the United Nations to Nepal. It was an exciting journey to arrange such a big parcel worth over 2 million USD.